Elephant Family

This performance took place at Optical Popsicle Zero at the Grove Haus in October 2017.

Young Jimby Jr. learns the true value of palm frond casserole — and why honesty is very important to modern pachyderm society — in this very special episode of Elephant Family.

New episodes air Tuesdays at 8:30 (Western Sahara Time) on EBC.

Written by Ryan Felton & Matt Helfrich
Filmed by Brandon Schaaf
Recorded & edited by Rachel Leigh
Theme Song by Matt Helfrich
Set Design by Tara Ree Miller
Tursh Emily Gable
Jimby Noah Pierce
Shbert Matt Holdzkom
Cody Matt Helfrich
Puppeteers Matt Helfrich, Matt Holdzkom, Emily Gable, Danielle Graves, Summer Keown