Heck Above Deck

An Original Musical

“We set sail for adventure, or close facsimile…”

On November 4 & 5, 2016 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Know No Stranger debuted the original musical Heck Above Deck!
The Apogee’s Kiss hawks artificial adventure to the well-to-do of seven star systems. These simulations must be pretty convincing, because when actual infamous space pirate Barsha Bhatt actually commandeers the ship, the passengers are no less than tickled pink to “play along.”
But below deck, the staff aren’t so easily fooled: They know this ain’t theatre. And if they can just keep their heads down, keep their mouths shut… maybe they’ll survive?
Leave it to Heck Hopkin, the ever-smilin’, always-singin’ linen boy, to screw it all up for everybody.

Aliens! Monsters! Song, dance, and fresh linens! KNS brought its A-game for this rollicking revue about revenge, redemption, and space goats.

Cast Album

The Making of “Aw, Heck”
Extra! Extra! Ryan, Rachel, and Brandon pull apart the show’s finale number and reveal how it came to be.


01. The Apogee’s Kiss (Score)
02. Stars Afar!
03. Widdleton’s March
04. “I Am Luzz” / Stars Afar! (Reprise)
05. I Fold
06. I Fold – Reprise
07. A Decent Descent (Score)
08. Big, Bad Bhatt
09. Old Man River
10. Keep Those Peepers Peeled (Score)
11. No Place for a Kid (Carmella & Jack)
12. No Place for a Kid (Grillo & Crew)
13. No Place for a Kid (Huskie)
14. Heck’s Story (Score)
15. No Place For A Kid (Heck)

16. There’s Life in the Old Girl Yet
17. That Goat
18. A Fresh Pair – Medley
19. Entr’acte – Bhatt’s Story (Score)
20. Stars Afar! (Dreary Reprise)
21. What Cap Would Do
22. Hiding Ani — An’ the Truth (Score)
23. Get Creative
24. The Slugger-Stink (Score)
25. A Fresh Pair (Reprise)
26. What Cap Does
27. What Cap Does (Reprise)
28. Aw, Heck
29. Stars Afar! (Dirge)
30. Curtain Call (Score)



Behind the Scenes