Optical Popsicle Zero

“Welcome to the best show ever!”

Well, we taped the Seinfeld finale over all our old performances, so you know what that means: HARD REBOOT.

Within the cozy confines of Indy’s Grove Haus, the back-to-basics Optical Popsicle Zero zeroed in on what makes Op Pop Op Pop. This intimate handmade revue was a hot-glue-gun blister of a good time.

KNS wrapped our pals in a warm hug composed of operatic goose fights, the highest-rated sitcom for grey elephants ages 18–39, and some toe-tappin’ dental wisdom from Bucky and the Bristle Sisters. We topped it all off with feel-good guest performances by comedian/daredevil Jason Adams, musical supergroups Wife Patrol and SM Wolf, rad grrl poet Bree Jo’Ann, and other cool coolies.

That’s a whole lotta Zero!



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Best Show Ever

Humblest Hour