Know No Songs

1. Optical Popsicle Hi-5 Live! Opening
2. Let’s Get Shirtless!
3. Space Camp!
4. Things you should always remember when you get pulled over and how you should talk to cops
5. Speed
6. SLICE – Boxed In
7. SLICE – Rise Up!
8. SLICE – Deliver Me
9. SLICE – Hot N’ Ready
10. Friendship Sweater
11. String Theory
12. Learning To Love Myself / Learning To Love, Myself
13. Directions Get You There
14. Shimmer (Instrumental)
15. WATERWAYS – The White River Fight Song
16. WATERWAYS – The Fall Creek Blues
17. WATERWAYS – The Pleasant Run Ragtime
18. WATERWAYS – The Pogues Run Hoedown
19. WATERWAYS – The Eagle Creek Ballad
20. The Evil Incarnation of the Internet
21. Look Who’s Walking, Too (Instrumental)
22. The Mulberry Scout Anthem
23. Olivia (Instrumental)
24. Optical Popsicle 4-Ever Countdown
25. Optical Popsicle 4-Ever Theme (MEGABOOM – Wait)
26. Optical Pospicle Hi-5 Live! Theme
27. Optical Popsicle 7 Theme
28. Optical Popsicle Infinity Theme
29. Monikers (Instrumental)
30. You Just Have To Be Yourself


Variously composed, sung, and mixed by
Alan Goffinski
Matt Helfrich
Brandon Schaaf
Rachel Leigh
Ryan Felton
Emily Gable
Stephen Vincent Giles
JD Gray
Michael Runge

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