Optical Popsicle Infinity

“We remember that our dreams aren’t over, our dreams aren’t over…”

October 15 and 17, 2015: Know No Stranger returned to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for the rowdiest, shiniest, most peculiar Optical Popsicle yet: OP Infinity. Triggered by the discovery of a forgotten time capsule, the gang spent the evening guiding a theater full of friends on a herky-jerky trip down memory lane, chasing elusive childhood dreams in typical KNS fashion. That is to say, things went wrong. Terribly wrong.
In the midst of all this flimflam, local poets stirred our souls; the Indy Air Bears treated us to a heavy-metal jump rope routine; foolhardy Captain Wolodarsky and crew floated about their Jupiter-bound space vessel; music acts Strawberry Runners and Emily & Kerstan Wallace made us tap our toes; and doe-eyed Mulberry Scout Jamie Snodgrass found a new fanged forest friend. When all was said and done, we couldn’t argue what should’ve been obvious all along: our dreams are far from over.


Original Music

OP Infinity Theme

Friendship Sweater

Shimmer (Instrumental)

Finally (Our Dreams Aren’t Over)




Behind The Scenes