Optical Popsicle Seven

“We are learning to love… ourselves!”

Know No Stranger’s relationship with the Indianapolis Museum of Art began in earnest on October 11, 2014: the night of Optical Popsicle 7. Our annual variety extravaganza returned, this time at the IMA’s Toby Theater, to bring the audience along for a ride through time, space, and hyperspace all in the hope of answering the question — “Um, what happened to Optical Popsicle 6?” On the way we met the surly spirits of bygone pizzas; jammed out to the 8-bit party tunes of Benjamin Briggs; danced with the talented ladies of Fahodi; cranked Alan’s Goldbergian music machine; groaned at our own Wallace Wimbley’s first foray into professional acting; and learned an important lesson in self-acceptance (and always carrying a spare pair of 3-D glasses) from a trio of visiting doppelgangers from another dimension. Take all that, wrapped up (literally) in a universe-shattering finale involving many many reels of VHS tape, and you’ve got yourself one stellar Op Pop.


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Behind the Scenes