Optical Popsicle X

Shadows that look like things! All sortsa puppets! Vids, jams, belly laughs, dancin’, and open-source group meditation! Optical Popsicle is back!

Let’s celebrate the 10th anniversary of our very first Optical Popsicle—in very same space—and 10 years of Know No Stranger. Whether you’ve seen an Op Pop before or not, we want you there with us.

We’re bringing our friends Kerstan Wallace, Davey K, Ari Attack & Spaceyamzz, and more TBA. So bring all your best friends, too!



Featured Acts

How To Write An Optical Popsicle Skit According To Noah

KNS members Noah and Ryan walk the audience through a step-by-step tutorial for creating a shiny new Optical Popsicle skit: Meet Phyllis, the detective grandma guinea pig.

Dress 4 Success!

The HR department of ASCO Inc. presents this employee training film full of mandatory fashion tips. (By Denver guest artists Kerstan Wallace and David Runge.)

Planet Furby

Rare footage of one of the animal kingdom’s most awkward and out-of-style specimens.

Mattitations I, II, III

Guided group meditation and introspection courtesy of KNSer Matt.


Just two talented, toe-tappin’ sisters, doing their thing. Don’t stare. It’s not polite to stare. (By Chicago guest artist Davey K.)

Love Come Down

Dance party!


One of KNS’s favorite Indianapolis bands, Sweet Poison Victim, brings down the house on a very crowded stage.

Popsicle Eating Competition

Murder on the Porcelain Express

Four suspects. One number two. And no one is leaving this water closet until the world’s greatest bathroom detective—Antoni Foie Gras, esq.—solves the case!


This lil’ arctic bird knows it’s cool to spend some quality time alone.

Femme Ital

Guest artists Ari Attack and Space Yamzz share their spoken word masterpiece.


This lil’ arctic bird knows it’s cool to spend some quality time alone.

Busman’s Holiday

The duo bussed up from Bloomington to regale us with some sweet melodic ear candy!

Minschka: Mistress Of The Third Eye

The tea leaves never lie. And Mistress Minschka is never wrong! What do the Fates have in store for you?

The Thing! (Larry Bird)

Step into Curtis and Colby’s stepmom’s basement for a special sleepover performance. Let’s all pay tribute to the Soul of the Pacers.